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About PHMI
Public Health Management Institute (PHMI), a project of SHARE INDIA, is a global non-profitable organization established in 2005 with a simple yet single-minded focus: to improve the quality of life (not just health) through health interventions and related activities in underprivileged communities. Using technology, social and cultural tools, it lays special emphasis on making quality healthcare affordable across all socio-economic strata, thereby strengthening national assets in terms of human resource. As part of this, PHMI continuously supports as well as initiates awareness programs and info-drives on general and specific health concerns. One of its focus areas is the high HIV/AIDS prevalent community across the country. It is currently involved in public health training and implementing programs that will bring relief and awareness to this section of the society. However, PHMI is not just a charitable healthcare organization; it believes its role in the realm of healthcare is medical as well as moral. Keeping health as an overarching principle, it serves to bring a better way of life to those denied the same. That is why the guiding principles of PHMI have always been defined by the collective voice of the communities it serves, rather than by the ever-shifting demands of government policies and economics.

Health is the basic human right integral to all spheres of human development. It is this that makes equality in access to quality healthcare an undeniable right of every human being.

  • To provide affordable, comprehensive and affordable healthcare across all socio-economic strata
  • To educate and train healthcare professionals as well as the community in all areas of public health
  • To support research using technologic, social and cultural tools for advancement of human health
  • To provide a forum for international collaboration on health issues and standards.
SHARE INDIA will RISE to human health advancement through: Respect, Innovation, Skills and Empathy
  • Respect for the dignity of the people it serves
  • Innovation through research using technologic, social and cultural tools
  • Skills in reference to the continuous improvement in knowledge by networking and collaboration
  • Empathy to understand the needs of and compassion for the suffering of the people it serves
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